Meet The Team

Food For The Soul would not be what it is today without your help and the help and hard work of our wonderful staff. Please read through and below find out about our staff that you will see during events! 


Mary is a lover of the color purple, old school R&B music and Mexican food. Her favorite quote are "never use another persons ruler to measure your own success", and "No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow" (Maya Angelo). One fact about her is that she loves to shop on the clearance rack and loves a good deal!


LaShawnda is a RNB lover whose favorite quote is "To be or not to be". One fact about herself is that she is funny (which is very much true!). Her dream is to open her own Senior Health Care agency and live comfortably. If she could tell her youngerself one thing it would be "Let your fears go! Don't be scared to dive in".


Cecil although not having a favorite genre of music loves the artist Dionne Warwick (great musician!). His favorite quote is "Gratitude is like a magnate, the more grateful you are the more you will receive to be grateful for". The person who inspired him and made him who he is today is his grandmother. If he could tell his younger self one thing it would be, "Believe in yourself". 


Eric's favorite color is blue and he loves blasting some good hiphop. His favorite quote is "I'm tired of thinking for you". One fact about him is that he is a good father. He dreams of getting happily married and prospering. 


Anthony is a gamer whose favorite color is red. His grandmother would cook every Sunday which influenced him to love what he does today. His favorite food is all food. One fact about him is that he is cool (which he is!).



Kaeley's favorite color is yellow and she loves to paint, play video-games, read and draw. Her favorite artists are Hobo Johnson, Rare Americans and Ren. Her dream is to own a ranch with horses and to live comfortably. One thing she would tell her younger self is that "it get's better, you will get better". 


Caitlin's favorite color is purple and she is a lover of k-pop. In her free time Caitlin loves to draw and play video games. One fact about her is that she wishes for all of her friends to have more friends. her favorite quote is "Set yourself free".