CT's Sustainability Coordinator Graduates with Masters in Sustainability

Congratulations to Vivian Melody, CT Sustainability Coordinator, who completed her Masters of Professional Science degree in Sustainability and Environmental Studies, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Unity College in Maine. The program spanned topics such as climate resilient planning, professional communications, ecological economics, and leading sustainable change in the workplace. Vivian accomplished her degree in just 16 months, working long nights and weekends while employed full-time as the CT Sustainability Coordinator and raising her two teenagers at her residence in Covington, KY.

"I'm incredibly relieved and excited to have finished this degree, and to continue to apply my training to advance the sustainability foci of the Community of the Transfiguration and our ministries," she comments.

About Unity College

The first institution of higher education in the nation to divest from fossil fuel investments, Unity College is changing the face of higher education. The College strives to offer an accessible, affordable, and flexible education for all learners seeking a degree rooted in sustainability science, no matter where they are. For more information, visit unity.edu.

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