The Sisters

“Guide and sanctify, we pray, those whom You call to follow You under the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience” - Episcopal Book of Common Prayer


Who We Are

A Religious Order of this Church is a society of Christians . . . who voluntarily commit themselves for life, or a term of years, to holding their possessions in common or in trust; to a celibate life in community; and obedience to their Rule and Constitution.

-Title III, Canon 14, section 1

The Community of the Transfiguration is a Religious Order for women in the Episcopal Church, USA and part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. We live together in Community under the traditional religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. While many Anglican Religious Orders in America originated in England, our order was founded in the United States and our Rule of Life, while influenced by the great traditions of monasticism, is as distinctly American as the order.

Our dedication is to the deep mysteries of the Transfiguration of Jesus—the epiphany of light on the mountaintop followed by the compassionate healing of a child. In choosing the mystery of the Transfiguration our Mother Eva Mary saw in it; "the union of the heavenly and the earthly, the sacramental presence of God. The vision of the King in his beauty is given that the light may shine through us and guide others to know, love and glorify him.” 

Meet the Sisters


Sr. Jean Gabriel

Mother Superior

Sister Jean Gabriel some text about . . . 


Sr. Ann

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Carina

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Diana

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Eleanor

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Hope

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Jacqueline

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Joan

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Lynn

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Teresa

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Marian Therese

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Monica

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Nadine

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Priscilla

Life Professed 1987

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Sr. Rachel

Life Professed 1987

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